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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We've Been Scooped

We were planning on running a blind item about a particular ballplayer and his mistress tomorrow morning but a certain newspaper beat us to it. That sucks for us but it is still better than being in the guy’s shoes this morning. Here is the item that we were intending to post :

Always Suspected…Finally Confirmed
This married AL Super Star is not bashful about flaunting his current fling. She flies all over the country with him, with her parents in tow. So, inquiring On the DL fans want to know, what does she look like? Well, she is in her early 30’s and is best described as a washed up stripper (familiar pattern with this guy). She is a buxom blond (that definitely came by way of an infield assist), with plain features, which she does little to enhance. The team joke is that he wears more make-up than she does. Our joke is that a girl’s boyfriend should never be prettier than she is.

Well, even though we have come to terms with the fact that we aren’t the first ones to bring you this story…we do have a few additional fun facts to add for those of you who are interested in this "not-so blind" item. Apparently, the lady in question’s name is Jocelyn. According to our source, she has known and been traveling with the player for awhile [ at least since late March] and his teammates all know who she is. Her parents are even aware of the tryst as they recently flew in for a game with her dad carrying a baby under age 1 in his arms. We are not sure who the child belongs to, but her parents are in their 50's...so you all can make your own conclusion there.

So that is what we know so far. Our information is still rather speculative at this point so pleased by advised to take it as that until we, or a certain NY newspaper, can bring your more details on this hot topic of the day.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Beware Of The P-O-D

Which down on their luck team’s GM may have finally gotten to the bottom of what is really causing their problems? No, it’s not the manager, the pitching coach, or the trainers. The trouble all allegedly started toward the middle of last season when several of the players, one coach, and even a broadcaster began to spend some quality time with a woman who team insiders have since dubbed “the P-O-D” – pussy of death- because every player that she “touches” usually ends up either injured or traded. Rumor has it that the P-O-D, in a fit of jealousy over a failed hook-up, may have even been the one responsible for spreading some rather nasty rumors about one of the team's pitchers around to the press awhile back.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Return Of The Mini-Blind Items

1.Which AL right fielder was so hard up for some lovin' this past weekend, that he called his local hook up over 30 times in 45 mins? When she finally arrived for a good time, he couldn't even get into the batter's box. She eventually got up and left when he passed out during the oral exam.

2. Which all American player regulary defies the slogan "don't mess with Texas" by pretending to be from a foreign country while picking up girls? Luckily for him, his hook-ups are usually so dumb; they fall for his act without question and don't really notice when he goes back to using his american accent.