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Saturday, February 24, 2007

On The DL Update

We have received numerous emails over the past few days regarding the status of On The DL so we wanted to post this message as a means of clearing up some of the confusion.

As much as this news will disappoint certain baseball players and many assorted undesirable internet trolls; our site has NOT shut down. We admittedly have been a bit neglectful of the blog for the past month and we are sorry about that. However, we will come back to post more stories in the very near future, especially with the new season fast approaching.

As for the message board, we have decided to shut it down temporarily. It had grown to the point where it had become too difficult to manage all of the registered members as well as keep out trouble makers with nothing better to do with their time than cause internet drama. We want to create a new and improved message board featuring all of the interesting stories and gossip that we love minus the bullshit and drama.

We will eventually post a new message board address in the upcoming weeks so that any interested parties may register. So have no fear, or depending on your perspective have lots of fear *wink*, because On The DL is far from dead. Keep your eyes open for a new message board link as well as new blind items within the next week or two. Sorry about being gone for so long and many thanks for staying with us during this transition period. We will be back with all of you soon.