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Monday, January 15, 2007

Pop Quiz

The future of your major league career as well as the survival of your brand spankin' new marriage could possibly be in jeopardy when your manager finds out that you spend much of your free time doing which of the following:
a) Getting drunk as a skunk
b) Getting high as a kite
c) Getting into bar fights resulting from previously mentioned naughty behavior
d) All of the above

Well, if you selected option D then you are in the same boat as this national league youngin’ who, despite his obvious talent, has many front office types speculating about his future on the team. He has had a reputation for revelry since his minor league days, but his team wisely gave many of his party buddies the boot in order to keep him in line. This tactic has been effective, for the most part, as he has calmed down a bit in recent months. However, he is still considered a regular on the bar scene and his inner circle fears that his lady's upcomming solo trip abroad could send him reeling back into full on party mode yet again. He has been spoken to about his antics on more than one occasion and has been advised to change his ways ASAP or else.