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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Just A Good Old Fashioned Love Story (Well Maybe Not)

Which National Leaguer's seemingly harmless hookup with a random bar
maid resulted in an unbelievable amount of drama including his
relocation to a new city, his wife's urgent need for a trip to the
gynecologist, and the arrest of a cameraman?

As amazin' as this tale may sound, it is really just a slight
variation on the traditional romantic story that everyone knows and loves. You all know how it goes:

Once upon a time a handsome boy meets a beautiful girl... girl and boy
have sex...girl becomes obsessed with boy... boy then finds out that
girl is also hooking up with a very jealous cameraman and has an STD...
boy and jealous cameraman get into an argument... boy then passes STD
along to his unsuspecting wife... wife freaks out and threatens to leave the
boy, and take their kids with her, if he doesn't make a fresh start in a new city...jealous cameraman ends up losing his job (allegedly due to his fight with the boy) and retaliates by deleting hours of team recordings and historic footage that cannot be replaced... charges are filed against the jealous cameraman...in an effort to patch things up with his wife, the boy never makes contact with girl or cameraman again...girl reacts to this news by gaining approximately 40 pounds and constantly talking about how much she misses hooking up with the boy.

As heartwarming as all of this sounds, we tend to doubt that the boy misses her, or the itch that she gave him, quite as much as she misses him.