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Friday, June 16, 2006

Meet The Mets!

Time for an entry devoted to the "Best Team in NY!!"

Oh Paulie, say it isn't so!!

Here are David Wright and some guy making drinks for their new-found friends and David acting like a spaz. And here are the girls freaking out over the drinks. Yeah, I'd be freaking out too if D-Wright made me a drink. Sexy bitch!!

Here are Cliff Floyd and the girls. Let's see, who's a bigger camera whore, Cliff or the chicks? I say Cliff. Oh, and check out
Assistant Mets Trainer Mike Herbst in the background. He looks better without the glasses.

Some more of Mr. Lo Duca. All I gotta say is: That's hot.

Thank you to a wonderful On The DL reader for sending in these pictures. And here's the girl's Webshots album: http://community.webshots.com/album/551271411NuUrrF

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Size DOES Matter!

The following email is from a devoted reader of the blog. If you have any dirt you'd like to share with the On The DL readers, remember that you can always drop us a line at baseballdirt@gmail.com.

The message is as follows:

From: xxxxxxx@yahoo.com
To: baseballdirt@gmail.com

Hi girls, first of all I have to say that I dig the site you have put up but it could use some more inside info. For starters I will let you in on a bit of info about our favorite AL West player. Yeah he is the tallest/biggest guy in the clubhouse, takes an extra-large inhale of all the weed that all of our MLBers smoke on a regular basis, (incase you didn't know ladies, your MLBers smoke pot EVERY NIGHT & of course their orgazations encourage this behavior because it keeps them out of the bar & makes them sleep better).

So here is the juice, [censored], after those Brewer's smoked themselves stupid right in the clubhouse, he would whip out his microscopic dick, shower up & have the smallest peice on the squad! Such a shocker that the biggest guy on the roster has the teeny tiniest smallest cock in the BIGS!


Some hints from the OTDL staff: like the email says, he's quite the giant and has made questionable hair decisions in the past.