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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Right In Front Of You

Fresh off the rumor mill:

What pitcher, featured in a soon-to-be-widely-released film, is reportedly having an affair right under his wife's nose in his hometown? His other woman of choice works at a bed and breakfast. Do they hook up in the midst of the B&B's romantic atmosphere... ? We don't know, but we'd like to find out!

By the way, HI everyone I'm a new contributer here so be nice!! :D


6/3/06 Edit: Some new information has surfaced regarding this sexy pitcher. According to a source, his lovely (rich) mistress is based in Boston...and loves to spend her daddy's money doing nothing but shopping, lounging around, and reading the cards that come with her flowers that her pitcher sends her every week. The mistress even flew out to see him last week where he pitched a gem of a game...then promptly flew back to her Boston pad. Do we smell love in the air? Possibly. Or maybe it's just the musky scent of lust. ;)

Friday, May 19, 2006

Paying Your Dues

This baby-faced former Reds reliever with a "nice guy" demeanor actually might be one of the worst of them all. He not only forced his mistress to have an abortion (he didn't want the wifey finding out and said the situation was depressing him), but also particpated in an orgy with his new NY teammates while his mistress was recovering from the procedure in his hotel room. The woman is now suing said ex-Reds reliever for broken promises and invading her privacy....it turns out he took photos of them having sex without her consent. What a world class guy!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

They're Back!

Yes, the Not So Blind Items are back! It took a while, but maybe baseball players are wisening up and not letting people catch them in comprising positions. ;)

Pirate Damaso Marte and former White Sox Timo Perez at a bar. Looks like Marte likes the attention!

Nationals' partners-in-crime Chad Cordero and Gary Majewski with a fan. Why is Majewski so sweaty?! Gross.

Former Brewers' teammates Lyle Overbay and Bill Hall with a lady friend partying at Tangerine. According to the caption, the girl said: "I told Lyle Overbay that when you smile you need to show teeth.... so there it is!! (with Bill Hall laughing in the corner)"

Braves' Brian McCann, Ryan Langerhans (who, I guess, wants everyone to see his hairy stomach), and Kelly Johnson with some girls having fun. I like how the pictures show McCann's progression throughout the night. Johnson and Langerhans fared better.

Crazy Carl Everett with some evil vixens. Damn those women who lead him into temptation.

I guess Phillie Randy Wolf likes partying with college kids. Maybe he should call up Al Leiter for some beer pong games.

Was there any doubt that the ladies love David "Papi" Ortiz?

If you have any pictures you think we should see, please email us and we'll be glad to post them. ;)