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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Computer Love

Which internet savvy player likes to use his computer for more than just checking out his stats? It would seem that our friend likes to engage in a particular kind of fantasy sport -- cybersex, e-flirting, whatever you want to call it. Thanks to our reader for graciously sharing some IM excerpts with us (names changed to protect the not-so-innocent):

mlbguy06: i love licking p***y
luv2party: i love it when guys go down on me. some of them are
selfish and dont want to. wtf!!!
mlbguy06: ill stay down there all day, esp if she gets real wet and likes fingers

mlbguy06: whats biggest c**k youve had there?
mlbguy06: thickest i mean
luv2party: i dunno it was thick tho
luv2party: guys have a strange obsession w/anal sex!
mlbguy06: why/
mlbguy06: ever had one too thick to get your hand around?
luv2party: prolly bc its tight?? not sure.
luv2party: hahah no
luv2party: well...
luv2party: my hand could wrap around but not all the way
mlbguy06: tight is good

luv2party: now i really want to suck ur d**k. im amazed that u do not
get off. i want it to be my mission to get you to cum!
mlbguy06: heheh i like this mission
mlbguy06: let me f**k your mouth and i bet i would
luv2party: i like hearing shit like "my little whore" and sh*t
luv2party: do u get off from handjobS??
mlbguy06: yes
mlbguy06: ill call you that and my little porn star

mlbguy06: one girl would lick my balls and a** while giving me a
handjob and id cum a ton for her
luv2party: hmmmm... i should try that.
luv2party: but i like sucking d**k.
mlbguy06: well suck and then lick then go back to sucking
luv2party: hahaha
luv2party: you like being on top or bottom?
mlbguy06: top
mlbguy06: with her legs on my shoulders
mlbguy06: you?
luv2party: hmmm... like on top but i love feeling a mans body on top of me
luv2party: ******* likes being on top lol
mlbguy06: legs where?
luv2party: hahaha, wrapped around him
mlbguy06: he cum in you? get your ass?

mlbguy06: i wanna cum in every hole you have ;-)
luv2party: oooh baby i cant wait!!! i bet ur even better than *******
mlbguy06: and he was good
mlbguy06: maybe you could get him over for a threesome ;-)
luv2party: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! u would want a threesome with *******?!
mlbguy06: id like watching you get f**ked and seeing you suck him
while i f**ked you

mlbguy06: id have your mouth, p***y, a**, cum on your tits and face
mlbguy06: id lay your head over the edge of the bed and f**k it like your p***y