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Monday, November 07, 2005

Little Slick

Which AL West heavy hitter not only hits ball hard, but the sauce as well? At a poker tournament, this guest celebrity poker player drank so much before the game started that two young ladies needed to try to sober him up just so he could play! However, when the coffee failed to sober him, the young infielder pulled down his pants and boxers to reveal his tattoos. Not only did he reveal his tats, but his small package as well. Yet another reason to keep it in your pants!

Not So Blind Items Part VI

Yes, the photos are back. Will baseball players ever learn? I hope the pictures posted on this site don't deter the guys from letting a cute girl snap a shot ever again... because then we wouldn't have anything to post! Once again, all these pictures were found on Webshots or were sent in by readers. Now, on to the good stuff...

When Cardinals Centerfielder Jim Edmonds isn't climbing the outfield walls, he can be found partying with his flavor of the week (on the right) and girls with obnoxiously huge earrings. You see, Jimmy's a fun guy and he's not one to turn down a good night of debauchery. He's a sweetie, too: he took this picture for his bar buddies. Let's give him another Gold Glove!

Here's our favorite party boy Keith Foulke in the background shadows of a bar. Apparently he was very sweet to the blonds in front, since they said in the caption, "foulkie thanks for the 'smooth shots.'"

Brewer Doug Davis and friends lounging around with some ladies in the VIP section. If someone could identify the two other guys in the pictures, then thanks.

Dirtdog Kevin Millar looking ever-so-NOT cool on his bike. The caption said: "he fingered us over to sing our sign!!!"

Here's now-retired Mariner Jay Buhner getting kissed by some chick. Mr. Buhner is married, but at least the girl in the picture felt some remorse: "me and former seattle mariner jay buhner after the concert...sorry mrs buhner"

World Series MVP Jermaine Dye certainly seems to like the (white) ladies. Here he is letting some young blonds get cozy with him. Gringa love!

Detroit Tiger Rondell White partying with the ladies at some unknown bar. No one better accuse Rondell of being cheap -- according to the album: Showing off the 12$ martinis he bought for each of us!

More pictures of the infamous Sidney Ponson girl: Here are some shots she took of Sidney's house. Well, damn. Who knew Fattie had such nice home decorating skills? Anyway... here are the girls in Sidney's bathroom and his hot tub. But unfortunately, the hot tub was broken, so all the girlies were unable to hop in it that night. SADNESS. And finally, here's the girl with Sidney. This is what she said in the caption: "Umm, yeah he totally grabbed my bootie n thats y i was hardcore cheezin! He had an ##### obsession i think!lol." Cheezin? Can someone explain? Ok.