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Friday, October 14, 2005

Not So Blind Items Part V

Yes, we're back once again because baseball players keep taking trashy pictures with random people. Thanks to our readers for sending some of these in -- you're the best! :D

Here's Mark Grudzielanek and a lady friend. According to the caption, the girl "met him, hung out w/ him, drank w/ him, and ended the night w/ a kiss!" Oh, my! I guess he liked her so much that called her as she was driving home. "Callin to check up on me and make sure im safe!! i LOVE him!" How sweet... there's one more fan on the Grudzielanek train!

Delicious Kirk Saarloos trying to shy away from the camera, and here's his fellow Oakland A's buddy Marco Scutaro (yes, his face is hidden, but the caption said "My personal lap dance from kim and some Venezuelan baseball player" -- so you do the math) giving a lapdance to his girl of the night... sexy pit stain!

Perhaps the strangest pictures I've ever seen on Webshots: Aaron Sele drinking wine with some chick in her Cabo house. Oh, yeah, Sele's infant daughter was there, too...

Brewers' Geoff Jenkins looking all suave with a girl who is obviously spilling out of her shirt. But it's ok because he's hot and we'd push out our boobs for him, too!

Fellow bar-hopping buddies Pat Burrell, Chase Utley, and Geoff
Geary partying the night away. Rock on, Patty!

Blue Jays running wild! Here's Guillermo Quiroz and Alex Rios with some ladies in a hotel room. Look at those smiles! Check out Alex Rios trying to hide. We see you, Alex!

Speaking of Blue Jays, check out Vinne Chulk trying to get frisky with a bar buddy. Unfortunately he was too smashed to take a picture of her and her friend correctly. "Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Vinnie Chulk ruining what could have been a cute picture of Tanya and I." Poor girls.

Where the party at?! Obviously with Nationals Chad Cordero and Gary Majewski (Who? Yeah, we said the same thing). Looks like they know how to have fun... and they obviously love the ladies, too! Majewski especially took a liking to this young lady, considering he did give her his cap... awe, true love! Joey Eischen also joined in the fun, cuddling with a girly (nice tattoo, bud). I have no idea if this guy is a National or not, but he's hot, so if he is, feel free to post his name in the comments section or email it to us!

And, finally: while not a "scandalous" picture, it sure is strange. Here's Padres' closer Trevor Hoffman looking very... trailer parkish. Love the shorts!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Define "Cheating"

This very young, very sweet and very quiet hometown boy has a girlfriend who is a nutritionist. She keeps him on a strict regimen. That's what she thinks, anyway. Good thing she hates flying and almost never travels with him, because when he's on the road, it's steak, martinis, late night pizza, and as many girls as he can get to his room (sometimes all in one night). One night, after he'd done especially well in a game, they were making such a racket that it brought local police to his door on a noise complaint. Looks like his hard partying teammates are rubbing off on him....

But maybe not. I'm sure the steaks are soy, the martinis are just for looks, the pizza's whole wheat, and those girls were just there to celebrate his appearance on SportsCenter... with a full drum kit and a trumpet.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Not So Blind Items, Part Four

A reader email sent us back over to Webshots for some more fun with Keith Foulke; our reader wrote that the girls in the pictures appeared to be favorites of a few players. Looks like you're right! Some highlights:

- "Keith is awesome, fits right in with my friends and me..love him!"
- Beer pong? Guess it helps build up arm strength.
- Alright, so it's not exactly Jerry Remy, but even Sox broadcasters get in on the action!
- O-Cab pays a visit.
- Wade and Keith: BFFL. From the caption: "'First you pull up here and beep, then you park like an A**hole and then you can't keep your Goddamn mouth shut in the hall, what the hell is wrong with you!' 'You are picking on me, I havent been picked on since the fourth grade and you are picking on me!'"
- Speaking of captions -- feel free to caption this in the comments section.

Another quick webshots search on Foulker (as the kids call him) revealed another album of everyone's favorite reliever looking like he kinda sorta doesn't mind all the fan attention after all:

- Looks like he likes to use his tongue!
- Maybe they're just bad pictures, but perhaps the Greek God of Walks could use a little lesson from Dionysus on how to hold ones liquor?